Our Service Offerings

Provident Fund Administration
We effectively and efficiently process all payments to the fund and ensure that all companies are contributing towards a provident fund.

  • Through the Furniture Bargaining Council Provident Fund, the FBCPF ensures the financial wellbeing of employees whether retire or the death of the member of his/her dependents.
  • The provident fund is managed by the Board of Trustees.
  • Registered employers must ensure that all their scheduled employees join the provident fund.
  • For each deduction, the employer must make a matching payment for each employee to the fund.
Agreements Administration
  • Agreement Administration trains Council staff members and stakeholders to understand, interpret and apply Collective Agreements and the rules pertaining to Collective Agreements.
  • Where necessary, the Council also draft and re-draft Collective Agreements and set a platform for parties to constructively and orderly engage in talking to each other.
  • The Council will take the collective agreements concluded in the FBC, on behalf of the parties (employer organisation and unions) to the minister and motivate that it be extended to non-parties.
Levy Payment Control
The Levy Payment Control Department maintains strict control over non-compliance of monthly levy contributions. This involves the identification of non-compliant companies as well as the conciliation of agreement contraventions.
This department deals with the conciliations and arbitrations of agreement contraventions such as the enforcement of late payments and underpayments and non-payments of wages. This includes reviewing post arbitration agreement contravention cases as well as demarcation cases.
Compliance and Enforcement
A main focus of our activities involves the monitoring and enforcement of the collective agreements within the furniture manufacturing sector. The Labour Relations Act empowers our bargaining council to ensure that the industry complies with the various agreements concluded by the parties. The Council therefore conducts pro-active educational inspections, routine inspections on an ongoing basis and investigates complaints received.
The Exemptions Committee deals with all applications for exemptions from the provisions of Collective Agreements.
Dispute Resolution
  • The FBC appoints independent arbitrators, accredited by CCMA to conciliate and arbitrate dispute will arising in the industry.
  • The simple-to-use service is available to all establishments and as well as to employees who fall under the scope of the FBC.
  • The costs of using the Dispute Resolution service are covered by the monthly levies contributed by employers and employees.
Information Services
Providing assistance and guidance telephonically and or at the offices of the FBC to new employers and employees. Provide information on important developments at the Council, such as the new wages rates and changes to the collective agreements.